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8 Reasons Why You Need Digital Business Lounge


In today’s digital world there are a number of basic tools you need to start and manage your online business. First you need your domain name; your online address where people will find your business. Next you need a web hosting company which provides the physical server location for storing your web pages and files. Building your website comes next. You need to determine the design, build your site and populate it with content related to the products and services you offer. Whew…that was a lot to do and those are just the initial steps to get your online business up and running. Many people find those tasks overwhelming and stop before they even begin. So many questions to be answered… where do I get a domain name? How do I know the right hosting service to use? How will I get my website built? What content should I create?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place you could go and have all of your basic needs taken care of? Kind of like “one stop shopping” for starting your business. Well there is such a place and in this article I’ll tell you all about it. 

Digital Business Lounge

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There is an easy-to-use platform that gives you the ability to not only get your business up and running on the internet, but it also gives you access to marketing tools. This “one stop shopping” platform is called Digital Business Lounge. So let’s look more closely at its’ features.



Finding a domain name within Digital Business Lounge is as easy as performing  a domain name search.


Hosting Services

Digital Business Lounge, DBL,  provides hosting services. You have the ability to host multiple sites with your DBL account. For marketers that promote products and services across multiple websites all sites can be handled within your Digital Business Lounge account. Each website can carry its’ unique domain name.


WordPress Website Builder

The easiest and most affordable way to get a professional website up and running, within less than an hour, is to use WordPress. With Digital Business Lounge you are only one click away from installation!


WordPress 101

The WordPress 101 tutorial videos are available at your fingertips within Digital Business Lounge. They will teach you how to create and manage your own website in about an hour!. No technical skills are required.

But there’s still more features…


Lead Capture Pages

To market your business successfully on the internet you need to build your email list. Digital Business Lounge gives you the ability to create your own lead capture pages using templates that have been proven to be successful. There’s no need to purchase a standalone software package.

Simple Trakk

If you are marketing you need to be measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Simple Trakk, which is part of the Digital Business Lounge platform, enables you to do just that. And best of all it can be done using only a few clicks. It provides split testing results, as well as, complete funnel tracking capabilities. Again, no technical skills are required.


This DBL feature allows you to create and customize Youtube embed codes from the video ID or URL. Customizing options include such things as autoplay, looping, removal of related videos and many more customizable features on top of the standard Youtube ones. Once you have selected your customizing options, this tool produces a new version of the Youtube embed code. You are now ready to place the code on your website. This is just one more feature that Digital Business Lounge has to offer.


TidyURL is a link cloaking and redirection tool.  It provides you with the ability to shorten, cloak, redirect, track, organize, share, and manage all your links. For anyone needing to clean up / mask affiliate links, or simply manage all of your links this is a great tool for you.

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You and your online business can get started with Digital Business Lounge for as little as $1.

Click the Image Above and Take Digital Business Lounge for a Test Drive


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