About Me


My mission is to help people understand the digital economy and the options it presents for them to create a new lifestyle. A lifestyle that they design.



If I am successful at executing my mission, thousands of people will come to understand how they can create a new lifestyle. They will recognize and be grateful for the talents they have acquired. They will be determined to refocus their energy, so they can live a joyful, balanced and rewarding life. A life where learning is a way of life. A life where people will develop the skills and abilities to create their own financial freedom.



Patricia Goodman is a home based business & marketing consultant and internet entrepreneur. She writes and publishes articles on a variety of business related and personal development topics including developing an entrepreneurial mindset. She consults and guides individuals interested in understanding how to gain financial freedom by developing an online business.


Patricia began her professional career as an insurance underwriter working in Corporate America for several Fortune 100 Companies. She advanced through the ranks and when it was time to leave, after 25 years, she held the position of Vice President.


Patricia desired a fresh start and decided to put her business skills to work in the Small Business arena. She purchased a retail franchise and ran her own small business for almost a decade. While Patricia enjoyed owning her own business, she disliked the restrictions that came with owning a brick and mortar business. After much research, Patricia determined, if she wanted to maintain a more mobile lifestyle, her business skills would best be used by creating an online business. She left the brick and mortar franchise world behind and began acquiring the skills needed to operate a successful online business.


Patricia began her online career already possessing communication, organizational, management and analytical skills. It was now time to develop the additional skills needed to operate in the digital world. To compliment her general business knowledge, Patricia developed internet marketing skills. She is well versed in the techniques required to operate a profitable online business. This knowledge extends to affiliate marketing, lead generation, email marketing, outsourcing and much more.


Patricia’s favorite book as a child was “The Little Engine That Could.” Throughout her life she has always carried the chant of that little blue engine in her mind:

“I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can…”

To this day, that motto is still serving her well.


Patricia is a true Chicagoan having been born and raised in Chicago, IL. Her family still lives in the area where they enjoy the many facets of the city. Whether it’s spending time at the art institute, one of the museums, going to the theatre or enjoying the lakefront they are never at a loss for things to do. Her family has always been interested in sports and Chicago is a great sports town. From the Bears to the Bulls to the Blackhawks, to the Cubs to the White Sox, they enjoy watching them all play.





Today Patricia is enjoying career number three and the freedom of a digital lifestyle. During the summer months, a great afternoon is spent on the lake, with friends and family, in their 1940 antique wooden boat.




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