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Jan 29

What is the Digital Skills Plarform

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Dec 19

Everyday You Can Learn Something New

  “Knowledge is power.” – Sir Francis Bacon Learning does not stop after we are free from the trappings of the school system. At least, learning shouldn’t stop. We continually better ourselves and challenge our thought processes by continuing to expand what we know and what we understand about the world. By letting the gift …

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Dec 15

Reinforce Your Positive Attitude and Success With These Tips

  A positive attitude is a great driver of success. It keeps us focused on what’s necessary in order to accomplish our goals. A positive attitude keeps us from being distracted by the hiccups that happen in our daily life. But sometimes it seems like our “positive attitude” is slipping away. Here are some steps …

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Nov 14

Do You Have Little Gremlins Hiding Inside You?

  So, what is a gremlin? It’s a mischievous invisible being that causes trouble. Have you had moments where it seems as though everything is getting out of sorts? Life seems as though it is too much to handle, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that has you feeling this …

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Nov 03

You’ve Got To Have High Hopes!

  Frank Sinatra was one of my mother’s favorite singers. He was one of the best singers of her generation. So, as a child I often heard my mom humming and singing different Sinatra songs. There’s one song in particular that I picked up the practice of singing to my daughter. The song is “High …

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Oct 16

Your Possibilities Are Endless

  It’s a new day and your possibilities are endless. Yesterday is the past, but today holds your future. Make today what you want it to be. What possibilities exist for you today? If something is possible it may or can be done. But so many times we let fear stop us from trying something …

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Oct 09

Improve Your Self-Confidence and Erase Your Fears

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit” – E.E. Cummings Have you ever felt that your fears, anxiety, or lack of self-confidence are holding you back from exposing your true self and fulfilling your dreams? That those fears are fogging the mirror …

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Oct 07

You Can Choose Your Destiny

  Did you know you can choose your destiny? Destiny was previously thought of as a power that predetermines the events of your life. It was thought that destiny controlled your fate. However, it’s fortunate for us that scientific research has now shown that it’s the choices you make in your life that ultimately determine …

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Oct 03

5 Keys To Your Personal Empowerment

  No matter who you are, personal empowerment is essential to your growth as a person. Going through personal development is similar to that of empowerment, as both areas overlap. Personal empowerment is the process of taking control of your life by understanding who you are and your uniqueness as an individual. Personal development involves …

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Oct 02

What Story Are You Telling?

  Have you listened to the words you use to express yourself? Words have power and the words you use are a reflection of your thoughts. These thoughts impact your emotions and your actions. These thoughts, when translated into words, may be giving you the power to move forward or they may be holding you …

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