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Change Won’t Find You; You Must Create Change


Change Won’t Find You; You Must Create Change


Living a life that feels stagnant can be a truly miserable experience. When you realize that your dreams are far from reality, it is easy to get depressed. Sadly, instead of taking this as a learning experience and growing from it, many simply hope that things will change. However, hoping that things will change without action will often lead to an even worse sense of hopelessness. Instead, one must create change. If you are looking to create change in your life, read on for some tips to help you on your journey.


Finding and Embracing Your Passion

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One of the main causes of living a boring, stagnant life is lack of passion. If you pursue careers and activities that are outside of your own interests, it is easy to drift into fantasy instead of embracing life as it is. This can have a variety of consequences, including wanting to escape from the present moment, which is all one ever truly has. In order to remedy this problem, it’s necessary to rediscover what you are passionate about. Here are a few tips to help give you a better idea of what changes to make in order to create a life geared toward your unique passions:

    • What did you enjoy when you were younger? By finding a common core in the things you enjoyed prior to your current situation, you come closer to your true nature.
    • Make a list of what you despise doing. This will act as a compass so you know what kind of activities and changes to avoid.
    • What hobbies do you have? Often, the reason many people’s lives are stagnant is a poor choice of career. The best solution to this is to turn hobbies into money making opportunities. Even if your current career is kept temporarily, turning a hobby into a business venture will give you a level of passion and drive that wouldn’t be experienced otherwise.


Conquering Fears

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One of the most important things that anyone who is living a dull life should ask is, “Why is my life so stagnant?” Almost every time, the answer to this question is fear: fear of changing careers, fear of loss, and fear of trying new things. By taking all of these fears and challenging them, you create a mental environment that is much more suitable to create change in your life. By understanding how fear can paralyze you and your life, it is possible to become proactive and take measures to conquer these fears and in time, change your life.

It does take courage to deal with old fears, because of this it is often a good idea to take small steps towards conquering these fears. Over time, these smalls steps will help provide a foundation of extreme confidence, which is absolutely necessary in order to be happy.


Be Patient

By creating change in small areas, such as reducing fears about life and rediscovering passions, you can change your life. In the modern era, the need for instant gratification is one of the biggest threats to creating change in your life. Anyone who seriously wants to “create change” in their life needs to understand that the process will be difficult initially. It’s human nature to have a hard time leaving a familiar existence, even if it is miserable. Because of this, one needs to be patient with themselves and their environment. By taking small, continuous, actions in a given direction, you can change your life dramatically over time.

Create Chnage

                                  Create Change


Create change by mapping out your plan of action.


By finding passions and defeating habitual fears, you can free yourself from the bind of a stagnant life. Living a familiar existence is an addiction and should be treated as such. By slowly breaking ties to old ways of doing things, breaking bad habits and finding and utilizing your passions, you can truly change your life.


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Nothing Changes unless you create change.

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