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Digital Business Lounge-What are Its’ Features



The Digital Business Lounge is a platform that contains the tools you need to establish your online business. Need a domain name or a hosting service? You can purchase your domain name and build your website using the Digital Business Lounge (DBL). The platform will also provide your hosting services. If building a website is something that is new to you, don’t worry. There are step by step video tutorials you can follow. You will get your website up and running in a short period of time.  Wondering how to get started building your marketing campaigns? Well the Digital Business Lounge has tools for building your landing pages and and tracking your marketing results. It’s one stop shopping to fulfill all your “getting started” business needs.


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Digital Business Lounge Overview


As a member of the Six Figure Mentors Community, I wanted to put together a few short videos that walk through the different systems you have access to as a member and how you can use them to move forward.

In this video I will talk about the Digital Business Lounge. We call it DBL for short.

So let me log into the system and we can get started looking at the system.

I have logged into the system.


Here on the right side at the top of the page you can see I am logged into Digital Business Lounge, DBL.

First let me explain why DBL was created.

The purpose of DBL is to provide a reliable platform from which someone can run their internet business. Really one stop shopping of the items you need to get your business up and running on the internet and also be able to market products and services.


Right now we are on the dashboard page. I will walk through the listing on the left to give you an overview of the platforms capabilities.

So we start with:

  • Account Details relates to your basic information and passwords.
  • System Set-up includes
    • Domains. You have the ability to purchase domains using DBL and have those domains hosted using the DBL platform. You can have an unlimited number of domains.
    • Emails: You have the ability to set up an unlimited number of email accounts. These would be email accounts that are associated with one or more domains that you purchase and they would be hosted on the DBL platform.
    • Next is FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is a standard method used to transfer computer files.


From there we move on to:

  • My Websites: Clicking on this will pull up your website information. You can see mine reflected in the center of the page. This is where you would then log into sites.
  • Next is Installers: and clicking on this pulls up the type of website you would like to have installed. You can choose one that is blank that you will then customize or you can choose one that is preloaded with information related to the Six Figure Mentors. This is really a one click installation process.
  • Dropping down to WordPress and clicking displays the selection of WordPress themes that you have the ability to select for your website. Each theme contains its own formatting and graphics, so it’s a matter of you selecting the one that has the right look and feel for your website. There are a substantial number from which to choose.
  • Under Marketing Tools you will find 3 tools you can use;
    • Tidyurl: is a link management tool used to shorten or brand a url. So if you have a very long url that you would link to customize you can modify that url using tidy url.
    • YourTube Player allows you to modify your YouTube videos so they can better compliment your website.
    • Graphix Creator: allows you to create professional looking graphics in a few minutes. You can use it to create covers for reports you may produce or use it to customize your marketing materials. The advantage is you do not need to learn or purchase Adobe Photoshop. Graphix Creator is a tool that is simple to use.


Next is Simple Lead Capture which enables you to create lead pages, thank you pages and sales funnels. So, this is a very important component you use in your marketing. It is a drag and drop, point and click easy to use software.

  • Smart Media library is your library where you can upload your images and pdf’s and have them hosted by the system. You can then use the images on your blog or in pdf’s. And you can provide links for people to access specific information.
  • WordPress 101 contains all the training videos that explain how to build your WordPress site.
  • Digital Writers is an outsourcing service for content creation. So if you are someone who does not like to write a blog post or you simply have writers block, you can request customized original articles that you can then post on your blog. There is a fee associated with this service and it varies depending on the length of the article and the level of expertise required to write it. This is a nice convenient service to have available at your fingertips.
  • DBL Live provides an orientation to the system that can be helpful to watch when you are just getting started.
  • WordPress Plugins contains some suggested plugins that you can add to your wordpress site.


So that is the overview of the Digital Business Lounge and by becoming a member of the Six Figure Mentors you have access to all of the functionality. It is included in your membership fee.

I hope you found this overview helpful. If you are interested in additional information simply click on icon below. You will be able to register for my complimentary training videos describing how you can get started building your online business.

Digital Business Lounge Simplies Managing Your Online Business

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