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Do You Want To Know How You Can Make Great First Impressions?

Do You Want To Know How You Can Make Great First Impressions?


There is a saying that first impressions last longer, or that first impressions are lasting impressions. If this is true, a reasonable question to ask yourself is: have I been leaving a good first impression? To understand the answer to that question, you need to know what the characteristics are of making good “first impressions.” Let’s look at them now.


First Impressions

First Impressions

Did you know that your brain is hard wired to make a thousand computations as soon as you see someone new? Your brain is determining such things as are you a friend or foe? Can you be trusted? Are you likeable? Do you have authority? These are just a few samples of questions swirling around in your brain. NYU researchers discovered that in the first seven seconds you meet someone you make eleven major decisions about that person. So what do you need to do to make the most of those initial eleven seconds? How can you ensure you give great first impressions?


Studies indicate that nonverbal cues have a greater impact on first impressions than verbal cues.


It’s been shown that the first impressions you make with your nonverbal ques have over four times the impact than anything you verbally say. So with that in mind, here are some things to remember when meeting someone for the first time.


  • Attitude: People have the ability to immediately hone it on the attitude you are projecting. Before meeting someone for the first time, determine the attitude that you want to project. Understand the situation you are going into and the manner in which you want to approach it. Then make a conscious choice to reflect that attitude in your first impression. Being positive, open and confident will not only put you at ease, but also help the person you are meeting be more at ease.
  • Posture. How you position your body and carry yourself says a great deal about your confidence. People associate status and power with height and the presence you bring to a situation. A great way to influence first impressions is by having good posture, standing straight and tall and holding your head high. No slumping or round shoulder poses allowed.
  • Eye Contact. There’s no better way to maintain focus when meeting someone for the first time than looking them straight in the eyes. It conveys sincerity and interest, as well as, demonstrates that you have nothing to hide. Eye contact and good first impressions go hand in hand.
  • Smile. A smile conveys openness and reflects a pleasant and agreeable disposition. A smile acts as an invitation for someone to approach and talk to you. For first impressions it is a very welcoming sign.
  • Eyebrow Raise. When you want someone to understand that you are acknowledging what they say, the nonverbal cue is to raise your eyebrows slightly. You can accomplish this by simply opening your eyes a little wider than normal. Universally this appearance signals recognition of what is being said. Where first impressions are concerned, it’s a great way of showing interest.

First Impressions-2

  • The Handshake. This is part of a traditional greeting in our society and is recognized as the fastest way to establish a rapport with someone. Studies have shown that a single handshake develops the same amount of rapport that three hours of continuous interaction would take in absence of the handshake. For first impressions, it’s a necessary part of making a good one.
  • Lean Forward Slightly. While you never want to enter someone’s personal space, by slightly leaning forward you do convey interest and indicate you are engaged in the conversation. Just be careful not to get too close.
  • Be Prompt. There’s no better way to get off on the wrong foot with someone than by being late to your meeting. It’s a sign of disrespect and signals that you do not value the other person’s time. Plan appropriately allowing for traffic delays and possibly taking a wrong turn. First impressions happen only once and it is much better to be early than late.
  • Be Polite. Good first impressions require you to be attentive and courteous. The person you are meeting deserves 100% of your time. So turn off your cell phone. This way you will not be tempted to check a text message or check to see who might be trying to contact you.
  • Appearance. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Ask yourself what the other person will likely be wearing and keep your wardrobe on par with theirs. Having a clean, tidy, well kept appearance goes a long way in helping create a great first impression.


First Impressions-1

Leaving good first impressions is not beyond the attainment of anybody. You just have to make sure you pay attention to some critical conditions. You have to understand you are yourself and you as a single entity are important to the world. You want the world to understand that by creating your own great first impressions.


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Let us know how you make sure your first impressions are great.


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