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Are You Marketing With Emotion?


You’re probably aware of the need to create quality content for your blog, website or social media pages. What does that really mean, though? Today, what people are seeking is not simply educational or useful content, but something that moves them. That’s why there’s a need to infuse your content marketing with emotion. Dry facts or sales pitches turn people off. If you’re looking for a more effective marketing strategy, you should look to the time honored tradition of storytelling.


The Power of Storytelling

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Stories have been around since the dawn of history. They predate not only the internet and content marketing but even the written word. Before there were written alphabets, people would pass down stories such as myths, folktales and tribal history through the spoken word.

Stories are just as important today as ever before. That’s why movies, TV shows and YouTube videos are so popular. The most compelling content always contains some kind of story line. This is a principle that can make your marketing much more effective.

Think about why testimonials are such a powerful marketing strategy. In addition to having objective third parties talk about how great the product is, testimonials are told in story format. For example, someone giving a testimonial for a weight loss product might say, “I was 50 pounds overweight and nothing worked for me until I tried Product X.” The person giving the testimonial is telling a story of some kind.



Tips For Using Stories in Your Content Marketing

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, you can make it more engaging by incorporating the principles of storytelling.


    • Discuss Your Personal Story -You can engage better with readers when you discuss how the issue at hand has impacted you personally. It could also be about another person. It’s more effective if you can include some emotions. If you had a problem, how did that make you feel? How relieved were you when you finally found a solution?


    • Use Plot Devices -Think about what makes a novel, TV show or movie exciting. There are usually elements of suspense or conflict. Keep this in mind no matter what you are talking about. If it’s a rags to riches type story, you can mention how dire your circumstances were and how hopeless things looked.


    • Be Concise -One of the principles of good storytelling is to keep the story moving at a good pace. Don’t spend too much time on details or go off on tangents. You want to keep your audience fully engaged.


    • Relate the Story to the Audience -If you are involved in marketing, the key is to make the content relevant to your audience. That’s why you have to eventually make the story about them. If you are explaining how the product helped you or someone else, you want to focus on how it will also help your subscribers, visitors or viewers.


    • Study the Techniques of Top Marketers -If you check out the sales pages for people selling products in niches such as fitness, making money, debt relief, dating or health you will see how they successfully weave in stories. When you read these sales pages or watch good marketing videos, ask yourself what is and isn’t working. Then see how you can include the more effective strategies into your own marketing strategy.


Content marketing-1

Stories Make Marketing More Personal and Engaging






The best marketers have always known the power of telling stories. This is a marketing strategy you can use whether you are writing articles, making videos or posting on your social media pages. Facts and information are always more fascinating when they are personalized. When people hear a story, they can relate to what you’re telling them. This makes them more receptive. Content marketing and storytelling should not be seen as separate -they can be a powerful and profitable combination.


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  1. Tim

    Thanks for the post Patrica! Great info I’m taking this on board for my own blog and email writing. Best wishes.

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    I like it a lot Patricia. Great post!

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    Value packed, incredibly enjoyable & engaging. I was just talking about this very topic today, thanks for your insight Patti.

    1. Patricia Goodman

      Glad you received value!

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