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What Story Are You Telling?


Have you listened to the words you use to express yourself? Words have power and the words you use are a reflection of your thoughts. These thoughts impact your emotions and your actions. These thoughts, when translated into words, may be giving you the power to move forward or they may be holding you back. So, what story are your words telling about you? You may not know the answer until you really listen to yourself and understand the implications of what you are saying. Let’s take a closer look at the power of your words.


Listening & Reacting


You are presented with a situation. You react. You respond. Your reaction and response are driven by how your brain is perceiving the situation. Words are one method of understanding your reaction. The words you choose tell the story of how you are feeling and reacting. So, listen to the words you are using and become aware of what you are feeling. The words people use are dictated by their attitude. You can recognize who is confident by the way they speak: I can, I will, I commit to… and you can recognize who is afraid by the words they choose: I need, I can’t, But what if… By understanding your reaction to words used, as well as, the words you select for communicating you gain insight into yourself. This is the first step in transforming your thought process from one that maybe holding you back to one that will bring you success..



Your Words Have Meaning

Having the confidence to speak and communicate what you are really feeling comes from empowerment. The words you use communicate your view of the world. Choose words that say what you mean and mean what they say. Empowering words are words that give you authority and ability. Creating your success includes using language that conveys authority. Look at the difference between the following words: empowering = I choose to, I want to, I am not willing to vs. dis-empowering: I have to, I ought to, I can’t. Your words reflect your thoughts, so pay close attention to the story you are telling. Your goal is to be telling a story that is moving you forward.



Silence Can Be Golden

There¬†is an old saying that “actions speak louder than words.” It is not always necessary to speak in order for people to understand what you think. The tasks you perform will reflect your mindset. You will follow the path of the successful people that went before you. You will replicate the actions that made others successful. These positive actions will translate to positive thoughts. You will be thinking and acting with authority.



Changing Your Story



If you have been sabotaging yourself with powerless self-talk, now is the time to change. But old habits die hard, so you must be committed to learning and mastering the use of¬†language that reflects authority and empowers you. Through practice you have the ability to develop your language skills to reflect confidence, intelligence, success and happiness. As you develop these skills you reshape your thought processes and become an empowered individual. The story you will tell will be one filled with words such as: I will, I choose to, I want to, I intend to….. All words that reflect a “can do” attitude; an attitude of success.

By understanding that words have a meaning that goes deeper than their surface definition, you are able to guard against self-talk that can result in self sabotage. Your thought processes will be based upon what “will be” done. This creates an open mind that looks for solutions and is capable of finding answers to challenges that arise. Your commitment to empowering yourself will keep you on a path that is focused and moving forward.

We Each Have Our Own Story To Tell


We each create our life through the choices we make. We can learn from those that inspire and guide us. To accomplish change you must change your thoughts. Adopt self-talk that is positive and empowers you to tell a story of success.


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Change Your Story by Changing Your Thoughts

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  1. Satya Gillen

    Patricia, I am so glad to have stumbled across this blog post. This is a topic close to my heart. About 2 years ago I started paying very close attention to the words I was using compared to the words that other – happier – people were using. And I noticed a big difference. I noticed how down I was on myself, and how much it was holding me back. A real vicious cycle. You’ve given such important advice here, because we will take actions based on our beliefs – and results come from actions. So get the words right, and everything else will fall into place. All the best! Satya

    1. Patricia Goodman

      So glad you enjoyed the post.
      I know it’s a topic many people do not think about.

  2. Ian Lloyd

    Patricia – love the site and a great post. We are our own worst enemy and often defeat ourselves before we’ve really begun. The words we say to ourselves are key to this … and we have the choice to change!

    1. Patricia Goodman

      Thanks Ian for your comments. They are so true!

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