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What are You Willing to Struggle for?


“Without struggle there can be no progress,” Frederick Douglass 


Without passion there can be no progress in the struggle.

In American football you get a new set of opportunities if you make 10 yards of progress within 4 plays. Simple logic and math would tell you that 6 foot tall player would only have to fall forward twice to gain more than 10 yards.

But football is a game of struggle. The ball carrier knows he can’t go forward without a fight. The player facing him knows a a violent crash is necessary to keep his opponent  from his goal.  The team  filled with players  willing to gain ground at any cost will move forward, and win.




What are You Willing to Struggle For?

Is your dream worth the sacrifice; the pushing and shoving, and the grabbing and grinding? If you’re not sure, then maybe you should consider this question.

Is It the Right Goal? 

The 1929 Rose Bowl game was notable because of the play of California All-American Roy Riegels. He scooped up a Georgia Tech fumble, and ran towards his own goal line. The following punt resulted in a two point safety that gave the game to Georgia, 8-7. By the way, the Cal teammate that tackled him, Benny Lom,  was named player of the game. He was going the right way.

Of course that play made Georgia Tech coach Bill Alexander real happy.

He was heard saying to his assistant coach “He’s running the wrong way. Let’s see how far he can go.”

Are you running the wrong way? How far will you go?

If you are going the right way, consider the energy it will take to break past the other combatants.


Power Through

Never go backward. Attempt,and do it with all your might. Determination is power. Charles Simmons. 

NFL Hall of Fame running back Larry Csonka, never went backwards. He was known as a bulldozer, putting his head down and plowing through the defensive line. He powered through 10 broken noses, a broken eardrum, and several concussions to become one of the most feared runners in professional football.

He was a model of determination, and he loved the contact. Talking about handling the football for the first time in high school he said “I ran over two tacklers before I realized what I was doing. I didn’t score or save the game, but I got a tremendous feeling carrying the ball…I knew then that I wanted to run with the ball.”


You don’t have to fall backwards. Put your head down and power through, if you have the passion for your goal.


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Do you know the answer to the question: What are You Willing to Struggle for?

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