Jun 23

It’s Time to Stop Feeling Discouraged!

Discouragement is like a scorpion in your shoe; it takes courage to toss it out so you can move on.”
 Richelle E. Goodrich


That one dripping faucet in your house,  that plops one drop of  liquid per second into you sink,  may waste thousands of gallons of water a year. Use the same formula for discouragement, and you can see gallons and gallons of  life wasted just because of just one drop of discouragement that wasn’t halted.

Studies say the average person complains 8 minutes and 45 seconds a day. The same studies also say that the average person moans 1,300 times a year.  Do some math and you see that the people surveyed spend an incredible 53 hours a year in a huff.  That’s actually 53 hours a year taken away from their  “pursuit of happiness.”



Discouragement Can Be the Scorpion In Your Shoe


How do we remove it?


Get Some Patience

We live in a “microwave” world, where the demand for instant satisfaction gets greater and greater as our gadgets “save” us more and more time. The old saying was “A watched pot never boils.”  Now it’s “A watched microwave never boils.”

In business the need for patience is more acute that ever, as the markets cool  and heat up for our product daily. Everything takes time and effort, and that means we just have to work and wait for opportunity to shine and shine on us.  Success will happen if we have made the right plans, and followed the right steps. Take a breath, relax and wait for it.  Sometimes we just have to let our passion sit on the shelf,  and then wait for when the timing is NOW.


Learn and Do Better

Give yourself some grace. Grace is that space you live in just after making a mistake. It’s a place of recovery, where you are allowed to go through the stages of loss and grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. If you allow yourself some time to walk through these stages, maybe a minute or sometimes days, you can beat prolonged discouragement, and get back up to run the race again. Don’t be discouraged. Tomorrow is another day!


Stop Comparing

You are not that other guy. Ok, he or she has the perfect hair or body that you want.  But don’t blame what they have by envying their success.

“If only I…” you say to yourself, and your heel swings up and kicks you in the  butt.  This is the time to back off and battle the discouragement with honest self-evaluation. Consider how to strengthen your weaknesses and make the better parts of you better.  Don’t get discouraged. Get better.


Get a Friend

Nothing feels as good as a hug, or an arm around the shoulder, when the blues show up.  That’s what physical touch is for.

When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.”~ Hugh Jackman


Yes, Hugh knows. And so does Bobby.


“In every life we have some trouble But when you worry, you make it double.  Don’t worry, be happy”~ Bobby McFerrin


Discouragement doubles your anxiety while it lessens your appetite, doubles problems with your relationships,  while making you lose sleep. Discouragement may cause you to over eat, chain smoke, or abuse alcohol and drugs.

Bobby is right. “When you worry, you make it double.”

We all have “those” days, but we needn’t stay in them.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Annie says it best. “The sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar, that tomorrow, there’ll be sun.”

Enjoy those solar rays, without the scorpion.


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It’s Time to Stop Feeling Discouraged!

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