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What is the Digital Skills Plarform


Are you someone who is trying to improve your digital skills? Are you trying to stay up to date on what’s going on with the various social media platforms? Or maybe you are someone who is interested in using DropBox or Skype or some other online application, but you don’t know how.

Now is the time to learn about a training platform that can educate you. It’s called the Digital Skills Platform.  Learn how to use a variety of platforms and applications on the internet by using its’ training.  It’s the platform that let’s you develop your digital skills.

Digital Skills


The Six Figure Mentors is a global coaching program that provides tools, training and resources that teach you how to do business online. As a member of the Six Figure Mentors Community, I wanted to put together a few short videos that walk through the different systems you have access to as a member and how you can use them to move forward.

In this video I will talk about the Digital Skills Platform


So let me log into the system and we can get started looking at the platform.

I have logged into the system and here at the top of the page it’s reflected that I am now in the Digital Skills Platform.

What is running down the page is the variety of trainings that are available to you.


Now the amount of training you have access to does vary based upon your membership level, however, with every membership you do have access to some level of training using this platform.


Before we look at a sample of the training courses available, it’s important for me to mention that the training method used on this platform is microlearning. If that term is new to you let me explain.


Microlearning is a method of teaching that delivers the training material to the student in short training segments. Video is the training format used since most people are visual learners. And by using short videos you eliminate any problem with someone’s attention span. Also communicating smaller amounts of information, to the student, makes it easier for someone to retain the information.


So, the Digital Skills Platform solves the problem of sitting through endless hours of training all at once. You consume the information in bite size pieces. Now there is a wide variety of training available.

If you scroll down you can look at a sampling.

Skype, Adobe Photoshop, Amazon Basics, Amazon Merchants, Blogging Basics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketing, Facebook Pages… And the subject matter continues on and on.

Now you may need training on some of these or all of these, but the beauty is you select the topic upon which you need to be trained. You have a smorgasbord of courses from which to choose.

If we look at one of these, say Google+ Basics we can see the total number of lessons is 80 and the total number of training minutes is 88. So 80 lessons and 88 minutes means that each lesson is going to be a little over a minute in length.

If we click on start learning, we are immediately taken to the first training video which begins to play. When it’s finished you can click next to continue or there may be a quiz for you to take.

If you are through click to go back home. The next time you log in you can pick up on the training where you left off or you can begin training on a totally new subject.


So by becoming a member of the Six Figure Mentors you have access to this training platform that allows you to update and improve your digital skills at your own pace. If you would like to access some complimentary training videos about how you can create an online business, simply click on the icon below.
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