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Which Franchise Should I Buy?

Summary of Which Franchise Should I Buy?

The franchise business model is an attractive and popular business choice for someone who is starting their own business. I know from personal experience as I was the owner/operator of my retail franchise for almost 10 years. A franchise provides you with the proven model for running your new business. There is no making it up as you go along. You have your daily and monthly operating procedures to follow. Your franchise brand can bring customers through your doors more quickly. The Franchiser is available to help you with marketing your business, as well as, answering operational questions as they arise. However, franchise businesses are usually brick and mortar businesses with sizable start-up costs and ongoing overhead costs. In today’s environment, you can start an online business for a much lower cost and have minimal overhead costs. Before you sign a franchise agreement you should see what the online business world can offer you.



I’m Patricia Goodman and I am an affiliate marketer and online business and marketing consultant. I have over 30 years of business experience that spans working in corporate American, owning my own franchise and now working online.

I am a fan of the franchise business model.

It has so many pluses such as:

  • Immediate brand recognition, so customers come flowing through the door more quickly.
  • A proven formula for running the business
  • Assistance with training, operational issues, marketing promotions and advertising, and
  • The ability to be up and running more quickly, because of the resources provided by the franchise that can support you.


But there is one major drawback to the franchise model as I see it and that is the fact that it usually operates in a brick and mortar environment. You have your storefront and all the overhead costs that come along with it.


Now what if you could convert that franchise business model into an online business? You retain the pluses, but all the overhead minuses go away. Plus you have an expanded customer base, because you can now market around the globe.


It almost sounds too good to be true, but that’s what the Six Figure Mentors has designed as their business model. It is franchise like, not a true franchise, but carries with it many of the pluses associated with a franchise business.

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a private membership community made up of individuals, as well as, small business owners. The community is entrepreneurial in nature. The members are interested in improving their marketing skills and growing their businesses the majority of which are online businesses.  The SFM welcomes both newbies to online business, as well as, seasoned professionals.


Several years ago I walked away from the brick and mortar franchise world and I walked into the world of online business. The Six Figure Mentors were there to support me. They have the tools, training and resources you need to get started with an online business.

Maybe it’s time to think about starting an online business yourself. The internet has changed the way we do business. The cost of starting an online business is much less the cost of starting a traditional business.


I hope I have peeked your interest. Checkout my website to learn more.


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