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Your Midlife Matters


What exactly is a midlife crisis and when is midlife anyway? Years ago someone at the age of 40 was thought to be ripe for a midlife crisis. But today people are saying 60 is the new 40. So who knows, maybe midlife is somewhere in between. The real point is that your midlife matters, because you have many, many more years ahead of you. Years that should be productive and happy for you.


Your Midlife Matters

Today life expectancy reaches into the 80’s and you view life differently. Increasing age does not go hand in hand with a decrease in mental or physical abilities. You are living a healthier, happier life thanks to advances in science. Understanding the types of food you should eat, the value of physical exercise and adhering to that knowledge, will result in you reaping the benefits of living a longer, healthier life. And since you do want that life to be happier also, you need to take stock of where you are.


A midlife crisis was characterized by discontent, boredom, not being fulfilled, irritability, sadness, not understanding who you really are and where your life is going. And while this may still be an appropriate description, today you have more resources available to prevent the crisis from happening. Yes, you hold the keys to your happiness in the palm of your hand. So, if you’ve been experiencing any of these feelings or if you’d like to prevent them from creeping into your world, you need to take stock of where you are at in life and what you really want.


It is so easy to loose sight of the dreams you had at age 18 or 20. You got educated, had a family and acquired all the family obligations and debt that go with it. You followed the plan that 20th century society laid out for you. But now it’s the 21st century and life has changed. Now is the time to develop your own vision of what your future holds for you. Do you love the work you do every day? If not, why not? What would you prefer to be doing? If change is needed, you don’t need to make a sudden change. What you need is a plan, so you know how to achieve the vision of what you want your future life to be.


You know the internet has changed everything. The internet is your friend and you can investigate your options. You can learn about new careers. You can discover how to achieve the lifestyle you want. There is no time like the present to start planning for your vision of your future. Stop, look and listen to your inner self. Then begin investigating and planning for your future. Don’t let your midlife hold you back.


Here’s a small checklist to get you started on your midlife journey:

  • What is my vision for my future?
  • Is there a goal I would like to achieve?
  • Who is surrounding me every day?
  • What does my environment look like?
  • What am I doing?
  • What is my plan for making my vision come true?
  • Do I need additional education or experience? If so, where will I find it?
  • What is a reasonable timeline for achieving my vision?
  • How will I transition to my new lifestyle?

These are just a few questions to get you thinking in a new direction. Answering the questions is your first step, but answers won’t get you where you want to go. Your second step is taking action to move your life in your new direction.


I will close with this quote:

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.”

—– Wayne Dyer

Remember Your Midlife Matters

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